FRIENDS OF SHANDOWLYON are highly dedicated and motivated volunteers who are committed to getting Shandowlyon elected as Milwaukee Public School Board Director representing District #1. We want you to become a FRIEND. For almost three decades, Shandowlyon has been a FRIEND in education. Now she needs us! 

Knock on Doors

We need FRIENDS to distribute literature and encourage residents to get out to vote on election day.  

Make Phone Calls

We need FRIENDS to make phone calls to tell others about Shandowlyon and encourage them to vote for her.

Put Up Yard Signs

When yard signs are available, we need FRIENDS who are willing to display Shandowlyon's sign in their yard and encourage the neighbors to do the same.

Post on Social Media

We need FRIENDS to "follow" our social media pages; "like" our posts, "share" our posts, and post why you are supporting Shandowlyon.

Organize Events

We need FRIENDS to plan and host virtual and face-to-face events so that Shandowlyon can share her platform.  We need FRIENDS to show up at events to support Shandowlyon.

Write Letters to Editors

We need FRIENDS to write letters to editors about Shandowlyon and why you are supporting her.


We need FRIENDS to donate to Shandowlyon's campaign. 


We need FRIENDS to endorse Shandowlyon. Endorsements will be posted on our website.  If you wish to email 2-3 sentences in support of Shandowlyon and provide a photo, we will post that on our website as well.  


We need FRIENDS to vote for Shandowlyon on election day and encourage your family and friends to vote for Shandowlyon on election day

Become a FRIEND, today!

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